Report: EA Enters Bidding in Codemasters Take-Two Acquisition

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Just last month, Take-Two Interactive shocked the gaming world when it announced its intention to acquire Codemasters, the studio behind the Dirt, Grid, F1 and other racing properties. It seems things aren’t going to go down swimmingly as Take-Two Interactive assumed, as publisher EA has reportedly threw their hat into the ring!

The report comes from Sky News, who mentions that EA has a potential “knockout bid” for Codesmasters that would trump the racing studio’s offer from Take-Two Interactive! The anonymous source states that EA is working with bank UBS on its own offer, with intent to buy being disclosed to the stock market on Monday morning.

No specific details regarding EA’s potential offer was disclosed, and it’s unclear whether Take-Two Interactive would counter EA’s offer if it indeed came to light. For reference, Take-Two’s offer  was as follows: The transaction values each Codemasters’ share at 485 pence ($6.39) and an implied equity value of approximately £759 million ($994 million).

We’ve contacted EA and Codesmasters to see if they have a statement regarding this and will update if we hear anything back.

Bear in mind tha this is still a rumor, so take everything with a grain of salt for now.