Report: EA to Decide on Fate of Anthem Game This Week

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Remember BioWare’s Anthem? Released back in February 2019, the looter shooter that showed so much promise and was poised to be EA’s Destiny failed to not only live up critically, but was also considered a commercial failure as well.

Having said that, just a year after, BioWare confirmed that a “reboot” of sorts was indeed happening, though with no specific time frame just yet. In the past year, BioWare has shared news on the game’s rework progress, which led many to believe that sooner or later, we’ll see the game resurface. Well, it seems that’s a big question mark for now. In a new report by Bloomberg, it mentions that EA execs will decide the fate of Anthem this week!

The report cites three familiar close to the situation which didn’t want to be named, has shared that this week, EA’s higher ups will review the latest build of Anthem (called Anthem Next though not official), and whether the internal BioWare team retooling it will expand, or just abandon the project entirely. Currently, the team behind Anthem’s rework is about 30 people, and people familiar with the project states that they need to at least triple that staff count in order to prepare new content and continue attempting to rework the game.

While BioWare is a large studio with multiple teams handling multiple projects, the studio currently has at least three confirmed games brewing (Mass Effect Legendary Edition due in May, the next Mass Effect, the next Dragon Age), which could mean that the studio might not have a choice but to leave Anthem to die.

As someone who played the game, there is a solid base underneath all the bugs and odd gameplay decisions. Let’s hope EA gives it one more push and releases it as a free-to-play game to not only jumpstart the playerbase, but perhaps interest among gamers too. I don’t think a lot of gamers would want to spend money on a two-year old game when there are literally a slew of awesome titles releasing every month.

Do you think Anthem should be killed or be given another chance to fly again? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.