Report: Early Copies of Modern Warfare Are Being Sold for $250 Each

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Just yesterday, we reported that early copies of Modern Warfare are already out into the wild. It seems there’s more than just happening, as there are early copies of Modern Warfare for sale, even!

Twitch streamer VonGarcon claims that he bought a load of Modern Warfare copies and is selling them for $250 each! To prove his claims, he has posted a picture of him with loads of Modern Warfare discs. Given how the discs are in crystal clear cases and not your standard PS4 retail packaging, which means that these copies are from a rental place or something, and probably aren’t meant for sale.

According to VonGarcon, he doesn’t know how the early copies of Modern Warfare was obtained, and that he purchased them for resale. One of IGN’s sources have told the publication that barcodes on the packaging suggest that these copies were taken from one of Redbox’s facilities.

I don’t know about you, but paying $250 for a game that’s going to be released in just a few days isn’t really a smart thing to do. I mean, you can’t even play multiplayer, and there’s also a patch required to get past the title screen (if you’re connected to the ‘net). That said, be mindful of campaign spoilers, as there’s sure to be some idiot who will want to spoil it for people.

In other Modern Warfare news, it’s been confirmed now that the black and white death effect is now gone! Ping meters are also present in the console version of the game, too.

Source: Erudipedia

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