Report: Fortnite Weapon Mod Slots Details Unearthed

Fortnite Weapon Mod Slots

If you’re looking for more customization options in Fortnite, or want gunfights to offer more depth, that might be on the way soon, as Fortnite weapon mod slots seems to be being tested by Epic Games, and have been unearthed by dataminers.

Fortnite leaker FunGamesLeaks (via HYPEX) have dug up evidence that Epic Games is testing Fortnite weapon mod slots that give weapons abilities! More details such as as weapon mod templates are now known too!

Some more info about this, thanks to
for the help:

– You can add the mod & drop it anytime, its planned to be an item
– Weapons have specific valid mods that work with them (based on this function “PrintValidWeaponMods”)
– Weapons have multiple mod slots

Oh and apparently Saved Weapon Mod Templates too? i wonder how that will work..


Needless to say, given this is from datamined info and not from Epic Games themselves, take it with a pinch of salt, alright? That said, these things usually pan out as they are in the source code and all. Perhaps this is one of the big things introduced in the next season?

Once we get more Fortnite datamined info and news regarding the next update, we’ll let our readers know.

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