Report – GTA Online ‘Currency Card’ Details and Prices

It appears that earlier rumors surrounding the introduction of micro-transactions, or ‘currency cards’, to Grand Theft Auto Online are being confirmed by play testers of GTA V’s multiplayer, launching this Tuesday, October 1.

According to reports, players will be able to purchase in-game money through a number of different currency packs using real life money. The real life prices reported so far are only in UK prices, but they are as follows:

  • $100,000 Red Shark Cash Card – £1.99
  • $200,000 Tiger Shark Cash Card – £3.49
  • $500,000 Bull Shark Cash Card – £6.99
  • $1,250,000 Great White Shark Cash Card – £13.49

Keep in mind that the value of objects in GTA Online vary from GTA V, meaning things like cars and houses will be cheaper online, while weapon and car mods might set you back a little more.

Still, no official announcement has been made by Rockstar, so we still await confirmation.

In related news, rumors stemming from items found within the game files suggest drug deals will also play a part in GTA Online.

Hey, as long as it keeps you from doing it in real life, right?

What are your thoughts on the introduction of currency cards in GTA Online? Will it enhance the gameplay, or take away some of the fun?

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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