Report: Guillemot Family Looking to Partner With Private Equity Firm for Ubisoft Acquisition

ubisoft acquisition

After rumors of a buyout due to tanking stocks and stalled developments, another report has surfaced stating that the Guillemot family is looking to partner with a private equity firm to acquire Ubisoft and prevent a hostile takeover in the process. The Guillemot family, for those unfamiliar, are the founders of Ubisoft, with Yves Guillemot currently serving as CEO and chairman of the French publisher.

This new report comes from Seeking Alpha, where it pins the Ubisoft stock raise of 10 percent yesterday to the news that the Guillemot family is looking for a partner for the potential buyout. The Guillemot family owns 15.9% of the company’s shares and 22.3% of the net voting shares, and are looking to retain control amidst a possible hostile takeover from other strategic buyers.

This new report also validates Bloomberg’s earlier reports of the Ubisoft acquisition, which states that the company is looking into private equity firms to sell the publisher. If it ever pulls through, expect another huge buyout figure, one that is comparable to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard last year.

All of this said, as this is still unconfirmed, take everything with a grain of salt until officially confirmed.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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