Report: Leaked Battlefield 2021 Trailer Intended for “Interal Use”

battlefield 2021

Following yesterday’s massive Battlefield 2021 leaked reveal trailer, it seems fans have already managed to sneak a look at what EA has planned for this June. Thankfully, a new report has surfaced stating that the leaked trailer was for “internal use” only,

According to Eurogamer’s sources, this was supposed to be for internal (read: DICE or EA employees only), and was “not intended to be seen by the public.” The big troll face in the middle of the leaked trailer? That was there since the video had an identifying watermark put in place by EA to track down the leaker if it ever happens — which it did. No word whether EA caught the leaker yet, but given it’s been weeks now since the first images and whatnot surfaced, perhaps no one got caught yet.

The upside to all this? We can confirm that Battlefield 2021 will be a shooter in modern setting, feature modern vehicles, and there seems to be a huge rocket about to go off suggesting that levolution is back again.

Another major upside? Whatever it is we saw the past few weeks, that means we have yet to see the actual reveal trailer that EA proclaimed will really “blow people away.”

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