Report: Full Battlefield 2021 Reveal Trailer Has Leaked

Battlefield 2021 Gameplay Images

While we posted what appears to be a partial leak of the Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer, it looks like the entire thing has leaked today! Yes, the full Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer that’s planned for sometime in June, can be seen right now!

Watch the entire footage which clocks in at about 1:40 in total run time! You can see the big rocket from previous screenshots, planes, vehicles and more! Sadly, the video is obstructed by that troll face thing, but we’ll take it!

Same as with every leak, treat this one with a bag of salt. Having said that, this does look like the real deal though, and it even flashes the EA and DICE logos near the end, even.

The wait won’t be long now, people! EA is set to reveal Battlefield 2021 this June, and I’m hoping we get a different trailer than this one, and maybe some gameplay?

Thanks, ShnizelInBag!

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