EA: Battlefield Will Lead Up to “Incredible Live Service for the Future”

battlefield live service

While Battlefield 5 might be the first Battlefield game that touched on the “live service” model, it seems it won’t be the last, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the franchise is continuing down that path.

In today’s quarterly earnings call, EA big boss Andrew Wilson muses that the franchise has an “incredible” live service for the future.

We’re really excited about Battlefield… it’s going to lead up to an incredible live service for the future

In the same call, Wilson wouldn’t confirm or deny that Battlefield is headed the annual release model stating that there is nothing to announce “right now.”

Nothing to announce right now around the annualization of the Battlefield franchise” or to the modes to be included in Battlefield 2021

Battlefield’s chief rival in the gaming space, Call of Duty, is on an annual release schedule.

In the same earnings call, EA confirmed that Battlefield 2021 will be released on last-gen and current-gen consoles.

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