Report – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Class Info, Abilities, Support Actions and Weapons

Through trusted sources, we’ve been able to gather some detailed Medal of Honor: Warfighter info including class abilities, support actions and weapons.

We’ve also got our hands on some basic gameplay details which you’ll find in the list below. Keep in mind that all of this is from the currently running Alpha trial, meaning much of it could be changed by the time an open or closed Beta rolls around and definitely altered by the final build.

For further details, make sure to check out our latest Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer trailer analysis.

Check out the game modes, class and gameplay info below and let us know what you think in the comments. It is most likely that each class type will be similar across all 12 Tier 1 Operator groups, except for the weapons. The Alpha allows players to choose one of 6 classes, each class representing a different faction. This list may also be incomplete.

Game Modes

  • Sector Control (Conquest/Domination), only one currently playable in the Alpha
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag


  • Somalia Stronghold


(Note: To be clear, this seems to be the class set up for the Alpha trial only. The final build should include all six classes across all twelve factions.)

US Navy Seal Sniper

  • Class Ability: Recon Stance -> supports sniper on surface (like bipod)
  • Grenade Type: Proximity Mine
  • Weapon Class: Sniper Rifle (Default = TAC 300)
  • Support Actions:
    • Switchblade – Smoke Screen
    • 81mm Mortar – Fire Team Replenish
    • ?? – ??

Polish GROM Assaulter

  • Class Ability : Grenade Launcher
  • Grenade Type: Frag
  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle (Default = HK416)
  • Support Actions:
    • Cluster Bomb – RQ-7 Shadow
    • 60mm Mortar – Smoke Screen
    • Guided Missile – Fire Team Replenish

SFODD Demolitons

  • Class Ability: Tank Stance -> Heavy Armor, Slower Movement
  • Grenade Type: Remote Charge
  • Weapon Class: Shotgun (Default = AA12)
  • Support Actions:
    • M32 – Smoke Screen
    • SMAW – ??
    • ?? – ??

Canadian JTF2 Heavy Gunner

  • Class Ability : Support Stance -> Bipod
  • Grenade Type: Mini Frags
  • Weapon Class: Might Machine Gun (Default = M249)
  • Support Actions:
    • Blackhawk Transport – Smoke Screen
    • Mk19 – Fire Team Replenish
    • MH-60L DAP Blackhawk – RQ-7 Shadow

Australian SRS Point Man

  • Class Ability : Heavy Hitters -> more damage and recoil
  • Grenade Type: Flashbang
  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle (Default = F88)
  • Support Actions:
    • RQ-11 Raven – Smoke Screen
    • Airbust Mortar – Fire Team Replenish
    • AH-61 Little Bird – RQ-7 Shadow

USOG Spec Ops

  • Class Ability : Heat Vision -> see enemies through walls
  • Grenade Type: Frag
  • Weapon Class: Sub Machine Gun (Default = MP7)
  • Support Actions:
    • 120mm Dragon Fire – Fire Team Replenish
    • A10 Warthog – R/Q Shadow
    • Radar Jammer – Smoke Screen


  • Squads called fire teams
  • Can spawn on other members of fire team
  • Helicopter with minigun turrets acts as spawn point, allows players to zipline onto the battlefield
  • Same player animations as Battlefield 3
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