Report: Modern Warfare 3 Leaked Images Feature “Gear,” Weapons, Firing Range & More; Weapons and Operators to Carryover From MW2 (Update)

Modern Warfare 3 Leaked Images

While Activision has not announced anything regarding Call of Duty 2023, reports have surfaced that this year’s Call of Duty will be none other than a remake of Modern Warfare 3. It seems that might be the real deal, as Modern Warfare 3 leaked images have hit online giving us an early look at some of the game’s weapons and even new mechanics.

Check out the leaked images for MW3 2023 below from different sources, which show some of the weapons, the Firing Range, and even a new type of equipment called “Gear,” which is said to replace the Perks system (though acts the same).


You can also check out the images in the gallery below (give we’re expecting Activision to have these images pulled soon).


According to BobNetworkUK, who has leaked legit Call of Duty info before, weapons and even operators from Modern Warfare 2 will carryover to Modern Warfare 3! This means that Blueprints and any operator bundles players purchased from Modern Warfare 2 will be available in this year’s iteration.

Mind, the images and the info shared have not been confirmed by Activision, so treat it with a grain of salt for now. That said, we get Call of Duty leaks every year, and usually they are spot-on, so we’re guessing this info is legitimate as well.

No word yet on when Activision will announce this year’s Call of Duty, but NBA players (or would-be NBA players) did get a chance to see it in the Summer League.

Hopefully, we’ll get an official announcement for the reveal date from Activision soon.

Update: And just like that, the images have been pulled, and Activision inadvertently confirmed that yes, this year’s Call of Duty is indeed Modern Warfare 3.

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