Report: Modern Warfare Xbox One Shut Down Issue Bricks a Gamer’s Console

modern warfare xbox one shut down issue

At Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s launch day, we reported that multiple Xbox One users have reported that the game keeps crashing and shutting down the console automatically. While Infinity Ward has since acknowledged it and said that they are working on a fix, it seems this Modern Warfare Xbox One shut down issue is severe enough that it has bricked an actual console!

Over on the Xbox One subreddit, user McVapey told his story on how he tried multiple times to play Modern Warfare on his Xbox One S, and after crashing a few times, it just made his console go “black.”

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So while playing groundwar with a couple of friends my game suddenly froze (5-10 seconds) before it ultimately shut my Xbox down completely. I attempted to turn my Xbox back on through the controller like normal, but I had to push the console’s button this time. Green screen pops up, takes a few seconds, and boom, back to playing. I play a few more games with my friends and again, the game freezes and shuts down the console. Repeat the previous cycle and the game starts again. 3rd time the game freezes and shuts my Xbox down, but this time after the green screen stays on for about 2 minutes and then the screen goes black. I’ve followed all of the reset options, hard reset, unplugged, let it sit, prayed to the universe, and nothing. While this might not have happened to everyone, I know others are reporting it. Anyone else want to chime in on what I can do/who I can contact?

Edit: Forgot to add that one of my friends that was playing was having the same issue. I am on Xbox one S, he has an Xbox One X.

In the comments section of the same Reddit thread, other people have chimed in on how this happened to them as well.

As of the moment, the thread has over 1,000 upvotes, with other Xbox One owners chiming in on how they’re now scared that the constant Modern Warfare Xbox One shutdown issue might cause their consoles to break.

We’ve reached out to the Reddit thread starter to gain more knowledge about the situation, and once we hear back, we’ll reach out to Activision for clarification.

As for PlayStation 4 players, our very own staff member, James also stated that he had been experiencing similar issues on the platform as the game had frozen up on him multiple times console. And oddly, the system wouldn’t crash like other games typically do, but instead, return an error saying their was a system error. At one point this did cause the game to become corrupted and force him to rebuild his consoles database. So while reports are mostly on the Xbox One, this doesn’t mean it’s absent from the PS4 version.

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Neil White
Neil White
4 years ago

The same happened to my PS4 on launch night. It isn’t out of 12 month warranty, but game say I have to prove it doesn’t boot properly before Sony will do anything!!! I have had to reinstall the system 4 times since, and it ain’t getting any better. Feeling very hard done by 🙁

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