New Destiny 2 DLC Expansion to Be Called “Beyond Light” (Update)

Destiny 2 Update 2.07 December 14

Update: The new Destiny 2 DLC expansion has officially been announced during today’s Bungie reveal livestream! It is indeed called Beyond Light, and is out September 22! Check out the trailer below.

Original Story:

While Guardians might be excited for today given Bungie will announce the new season (accidentally leaked yesterday as “Season of Arrivals“), it seems Bungie has another treat for Guardians, and that’s the new Destiny 2 DLC expansion.

According to datamined files by a Destiny Reddit member that deleted their account, Beyond Light will be the new Destiny 2 DLC that Guardians will be tackling soon!

It’s unknown whether Bungie will announce the new season later and the new Destiny 2 DLC expansion, though I wouldn’t put it past them. I mean, launching the season today, and then announcing that Beyond Light will be hitting on a specific date later this year should help build the hype train up. Add in a sprinkling of continuous live events to help keep things fresh, and I gather, that would make a lot of Guardians happy, no?

Don’t forget to tune in here later as we’ll be reporting on the latest Destiny 2 info drop for the new season, as well as the weekly reset and more. There should be a patch available for the game later once it goes into maintenance mode, so sit tight, Guardians!

What do you want to see from Destiny 2: Beyond Light? Hopefully, a new enemy race, a bunch of new exotics, and either a new class or subclass are all guaranteed.

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