Report: PS5 vs PS4 Loading Time Comparison Video Shows How Fast Next-Gen Will Be

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For some reason or another, Sony has deemed it time to talk about the PlayStation 5. No, it wasn’t done via an elaborate event (that’s happening at some point for sure), but via an interview with the PS4 — and now PS5 — Lead Architect, Mark Cerny in an interview.

While we still don’t know when the PS5 will be out, or how much it’ll cost come launch other than it’ll be “appealing” to gamers, we at least know now how fast it will load games in this new PS5 vs PS4 loading time comparison video! In a tweet by The Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki, it shows what he says is the Sony official video comparing the performance of the PS5 to the PS4.

As you can see, the loading times on the PS5 are insanely fast! Granted, this is a tech demo, and there are other stuff to factor in like the actual game size, etc., but for the most part, if the PS5 can achieve this kind of loading speed for next-gen? That’s definitely going to be something.

Do you think we’ll see this kind of loading speed on the PS5? Or is this wishful thinking even with the console using SSD?

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