Report: PSVR 2 Input Device Patent Filed by Sony

psvr 2

A recent patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has got some heads turning, as this patent is supposedly for a PSVR (PlayStation VR) 2 input device. The patent describes a new form of handheld ‘controllers’ very different from the PSVR’s first iteration, and it points to what we could possibly see from the device in the future.

You can check out the design for yourself over on the WIPO IP Portal, where it would appear that the patent was filed internationally earlier this year, last February 26. You can check out some images of the patent for the PSVR 2 input device below:

The possible PSVR 2 input device abstract was also described:

The present invention improves the stability of detecting a light-emitting unit by using a camera. This input device has a region to be tracked in which a plurality of light-emitting units H are disposed. The region to be tracked is composed of: a to-be-tracked rear part that is positioned behind operation members in a side view; and a to-be-tracked front part that is positioned in front of the to-be–tracked rear part and extends in a different direction from the to-be-tracked rear part.

While we now have a general idea of how its input devices will look like, it still remains to be seen how Sony will innovate on the actual VR headset. In any case, just like with everything unconfirmed, take this one with a grain of salt until officially confirmed.

Source: WIPO IP Portal

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