Report: Sony Has Filed a Patent for a PlayStation Mobile Controller

playstation mobile controller

Sony appears to be taking a page out of Microsoft’s game streaming playbook, as the company has recently filed a patent for a possible PlayStation mobile controller. This patent goes further and beyond though, the full details of which you can read on below

There are two images associated with teh patent, with one showing the controller, and the other showing it connecting to a device (we presume a gaming console), and a TV.

PlayStation Mobile Controller


Sony also looks to be taking some inspiration for Nintendo, with the patent for this PlayStation mobile controller being split into two, and a smartphone device sitting smack in the middle. There’s not a ton of information included in the patent, though, including whether this will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, or through USB-C like a Razer Kishi. It would also be interesting to see the range of smartphone sizes that will be possible with this design, and how it will help PlayStation and Sony in the streaming race.

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