PlayStation Home Is Back Online This 2021 Thanks to Fans

PlayStation Home

Earlier this year, we reported that Sony renewed the trademark for PlayStation Home, which might mean that we’ll see the online platform make its way back soon (or not). Well, that is indeed what has happened, though not officially, but this makes it more impressive.

Thanks to the Destination Home Team working in tandem with the PSOne Emulation Team, PlayStation Home is back online this 2021 on the PS3! These talented individuals have managed to resurrect PS Home, and have full lobby sessions working! Check it out in action below.

Greetings Home Veterans! Today has been a monumental day for the Destination Home Team x PSOne Emulation Team, as we have finally hit a point in our development to have full lobby sessions working on the original PlayStation 3! This means users can join public/private lobbies just like the good ole’ times on PlayStation Home! In this teaser, you can see that we have some fan-favorite spaces e.g., The Hub, Bowling Alley, Playground, etc. that are ready to be re-explored by our core fan base.

By you guys donating much-needed Home data from your personal PlayStation 3 consoles, the team would like to say THANK YOU, for making this possible!

This showcase/test was completed on 11/23/2021!

Best regards,

The Destination Home Team.

The Destination Home Team can be reached via Twitter, and they have a website for the project, too. As for the PSOne Emulation team, they also managed to resurrect Killzone 2 multiplayer just recently too!

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