Report: Star Wars Battlefront II Sales at 7 Million Not 9M as Originally Announced

Just yesterday, during EA’s financials call, the publisher revealed that Star Wars Battlefront II sold around nine million units, which is under its projected 10 million target. While the game did under perform, a one million difference isn’t that bad especially when you consider how much backlash the game — and the publisher — got for its original vision for microtransactions.

Well, it seems either EA bungled up their numbers, or someone, somewhere screwed up. According to Wall Street Journal tech reporter Sarah E. Needleman, EA said that Battlefront II sold nine million units to her under embargo a few hours before the call, but during the actual call, the publisher mentioned seven million units were sold, and not nine million!

In case you couldn’t see the tweet, it reads:

Another possible correction: EA told me midday yesterday under embargo that it sold 9M unit of SWBII. When the results came out, I reported that. Then on the earnings call hours later, EA said it sold 7M units. The other error also happened because EA gave me incorrect numbers.

Seven million units is still a lot, but I gather, is way below EA’s targeted sales projections for the game.

We’ve reached out to EA and will update the post if we get a response.

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