Report: Suicide Squad Game Being Worked on by Batman Arkham Studio

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While Rocksteady Studios hasn’t announced a game in quite some time, it seems the studio’s upcoming project has been leaked, and it’s none other than a Suicide Squad game!

Apparently, domain names have been snapped up by a company connected to Warner Bros. This was posted on video game forum ResetEra, which Eurogamer “understands” to be accurate. The domain name hints at the game’s title, and it’s “,” which, of course reads as: Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. While there are other domain names registered such as “,” and “,” Eurogamer has “heard” that the “Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League” name is a “contender” as the official title.

Note that Gotham Knights is said to be referring to Warner Bros. Montreal’s title, which the studio has already teased to gamers before.

Both the Suicide Squad game and Gotham Knights are allegedly set to be announced at the DC Fandome digital event taking place this August, which makes sense given Warner Bros. has already confirmed that announcements from the company’s games division will be forthcoming.

Expect both titles for next-gen (PS5, Xbox Series X), and based on previous reports, will feature multiplayer.

We’ll be on the lookout for more news regarding both titles, so stay tuned.