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To Celebrate Batman Day, Devs Release Batman Arkham Concept Art & Discuss Playtesting News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, today is officially known as Batman Day. To celebrate this, Rocksteady Studios co-founder Jamie Walker has posted Batman Arkham concept art, and even some comments on behind-the-scenes happenings within the franchise. #Batmanday is here! Batman made @RocksteadyGames what it is today. To help celebrate I am posting art here from […]

Official HD Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Screenshots Released and Features the Crew News 0

News 0 Just now, Rocksteady Studios finally announced the game the studio has been working on for all these years with the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reveal trailer. While we already have that, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has also released a group of official Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League screenshots! What you’ll see below […]

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Will Be 1-4 Player Co-Op, Takes Place in Metropolis News 0

News 0 Following the official reveal of Rocksteady’s latest game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, studio boss Sefton Hill has taken to the virtual stage to give us more gameplay info regarding this all-villain ensemble title. Sefton Hill started by saying that Kill the Justice League will be a superhero empowerment game combined with gunplay. Hill […]

Rocksteady’s New Game Titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Reveal to Be 20 Minutes Long News 3

News 3 Just last week, Batman Arkham franchise creators Rocksteady Studios finally confirmed that their next game will be about the all-villain supergroup, the Suicide Squad. In the promo image released, we see a crosshair tracked on Superman, and there’s good reason for that, as the game’s official title is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League! Yep, […]

Rocksteady Suicide Squad Game Announced With First Image, More Coming at DC Fandome News 0

News 0 Back in June, a report surfaced that Rocksteady Studios, creators of the hugely succesful Batman Arkham franchise, is working on a game based on the all-villain team, the Suicide Squad. Today, the Rocksteady Suicide Squad game has been officially announced! Over on Twitter, Rocksteady teased the game with an image of who appears to be […]

Report: Suicide Squad Game Being Worked on by Batman Arkham Studio News 1

News 1 While Rocksteady Studios hasn’t announced a game in quite some time, it seems the studio’s upcoming project has been leaked, and it’s none other than a Suicide Squad game! Apparently, domain names have been snapped up by a company connected to Warner Bros. This was posted on video game forum ResetEra, which Eurogamer “understands” to […]

DC Fandome Digital Event Announced, New WB Games Announcement Incoming News 0

News 0 It’s been quite some time since we heard anythiing regarding Rocksteady Studios, the studio behind the excellent Batman: Arkham franchise, though that might be changing soon. Warner Bros., which is the parent company of DC, has announced the DC Fandome event! Set to take place this August 22, the DC Fandome event is a digital-only […]

Batman Arkham Collection Coming September 6, Here’s What’ll Be in It News 0

News 0 If you haven’t played any of the Batman Arkham games made by Rocksteady Studios, you’ll want to pick this bad boy up! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (or more commonly known now as WB Games), is releasing what it calls the Batman Arkham Collection on September 6, 2019! This Batman Arkham Collection will include all the […]

Rocksteady Studios New Game Confirmed to Not Be Superman, No Announcement Planned at The Game Awards News 1

News 1 Just a few days ago, a rumor cropped up that Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind the Batman Arkham franchise, was actively working on a Superman game called Superman: World’s Finest, and that the Rocksteady Studios new game was planned for reveal at next week’s The Game Awards. Well, it seems that’s all been debunked by Rockteady! […]

Report: Rocksteady New Game to Be Called Superman: World’s Finest News 0

News 0 Given Rocksteady Studio’s last, full-fledged game, Batman Arkham Knight, was released way back in 2015. it’s understandable that people are anxious what the London-based developer is up to for its next project. Well, if recent game filings are to be believed, the Rocksteady new game will be revealed soon, and it’ll star another caped hero! […]

Rumor: Rocksteady Justice League Game Coming in 2019. Will Be for Next-Gen Platforms News 0

News 0 We’re diving deep into rumor territory here, folks! So prepre your popcorn. Having said that, there’s more in this Rocksteady new game report than your standard rumor, so it’s worth reporting on. Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind the Batman Arkham franchise, has been silent on the games front ever since Batman: Arkham Knight was released […]