Report: The Division 2 Friendly Fire Active in One of the Dark Zone Areas, More Details Spring Out

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With The Division 2 set for release in March, and the private beta set this coming February, it seems Ubisoft is now slowly opening up The Division 2 well of info. While Ubisoft released a new trailer showcasing our first look at The Division 2’s Dark Zone, we now have more details to chew on!

Thanks to Reddit user MFRobots, the latest Official PlayStation Magazine seems to have a The Division 2 Dark Zone details, which was shared in “The Division Elites” Facebook group.

  • -3 DZ’s confirmed with ‘Normalisation’
  • -There’s an Occupied DZ – where the “gloves are off”
  • -You can loot a downed player asking to be revived
  • -New Grey Rogue state – won’t be broadcast but flags you as untrustworthy
  • -Friendly fire is turned on in one of the DZ’s
  • -There are ‘Monuments’ in the DZ, as opposed to ‘Landmarks’
  • -PvP – Conflict Mode, which includes Skirmish, Team Deathmatch and Domination game types.
  • -In Skirmish mode each team has a set number of respawns.
  • -Conflict Mode has a separate progression system for gear unlocks, skill levelling and class upgrades.
  • There are more than one way to go Rogue, one of which you don’t have to fire a single bullet. The GREY option is pretty interesting.

Interesting to see that one of the Zones has friendly fire turned on, which no doubt, will cause some issues with random party members. Once we know more info regarding The Division 2, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

The Division 2 will shoot its way out this March 15 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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