Resident Evil 1 Remake Recreated as First-Person Shooter Using Unreal Engine 4

Resident Evil 1 Remake

Fans of the Resident Evil series who always wondered how the original game would look as a shooter now have an idea, as Resident Evil 1 Remake has been recreated as a first-person shooter using the Unreal Engine 4 — making it a totally fresh and different experience for survival horror fans!

Developed by MoonGlint, check out the gameplay footage of the RE1 Remake first person shooter below.

While it’s only a portion of the game being featured that recreates the eerie mansion setting along with one lone zombie being dealt with handily by who can be assumed to be Chris Redfield, it’s a very nice looking first person shooter remake of the one and only first Resident Evil game. In fact, the 1996 survival horror original was intended to be in first person under the direction of Shinji Mikami, but technological limitations at the time forced Capcom and the production staff to settle for the third person perspective and fixed camera angle setup that became the original PlayStation release.

While this first person remake will probably never see the light of day, Residence of Evil is busy working on their own survival horror game called Vigil, while the Resident Evil franchise is still going strong with the newly released Resident Evil Village — which is getting a DLC expansion that was announced this past E3 2021 and you can read about here.

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