Resident Evil 4 Money Glitch Lets You Scam the Merchant for Over 4 Million Pesetas in New Game Plus

resident evil 4 money glitch

The Resident Evil 4 remake does an excellent job of revamping the story and gameplay of the original titles for modern audiences, but players may still find the currency grind tedious given that many upgrades and purchases require a hefty amount of money. A newly-discovered Resident Evil 4 money glitch can altogether eliminate that grind in additional playthroughs after the first one, making New Game Plus a significantly easier experience.

The glitch, discovered by YouTuber Slide-Show Sidney, has players hold onto their currency in a playthrough on Assisted difficulty, and then use it to buy the maximum amount of First-Aid Sprays (443) at the final merchant location before the end of the game. On Assisted, each First-Aid Spray costs 3000 Pesetas, for a total of 1,329,000 Pesetas if 443 are bought.

After buying the First-Aid Sprays, players should go on and finish their playthrough, and then begin New Game Plus on Professional difficulty. The 443 First-Aid Sprays can be sold for 10000 Pesetas each (in Professional difficulty) at any merchant location with the use of the Rhinoceros Beetle charm, which lets the player sell items at 100% of their cost price. Selling all 443 First-Aid Sprays will net players a whopping total of 4,430,000 Pesetas, equipping them with a sufficiently-fat wallet for any upgrades and weapon purchases they need to make afterwards.

You can check out the glitch in action in the following video:

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