Resident Evil 4 VR Hits the Oculus Quest 2 This October 21

Resident Evil 4 VR

Everything old is new again for Resident Evil players looking to replay one of the series most beloved entries, as Resident Evil 4 VR hits the Oculus Quest 2 this October 21 and brings the Capcom title into the world of virtual reality!

As for how VR will play and look with this well-known installment in the RE series, take a look at the gameplay trailer below and see for yourselves!

As players can expect, Capcom and Oculus have fully converted Resident Evil 4 and its action-packed gameplay into a new virtual reality experience that will immerse you into the world of survival horror! The story and beats of the game remain unchanged and is still set in 2004 — six years after the events of Resident Evil 2. Leon S. Kennedy is a fully trained government agent who is assigned to rescue the president’s daughter Ashley Graham from a cultist group known as the Los Illuminados. Unfortunately his mission takes him to a rural part of Europe where strange things have happened to a group of villagers, leading to a high-stakes adventure that reignites memories of Raccoon City and redefines bioterrorism in a while new way.

If Resident Evil 4 VR isn’t your cup of tea and you prefer holding a controller on hand, try out the newest installment in the series with Resident Evil Village — which you can read our review on here.

Resident Evil 4 VR will be released for Oculus Quest 2 this October 21.

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