Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode Announced

Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries

Get ready to embark in a new survival horror adventure and play one of the most beloved extra modes the series has ever had, as Resident Evil Village has a Mercenaries mode announced — complete in first-person and featuring all the thrills and then some you’d expect from it!

Check out the reveal of the extra mode you can play besides your single player adventure!

As detailed in the Resident Evil Showcase digital event, the Mercenaries will have players facing down enemies in an arcade style gauntlet of challenges that will test their survival skills and inventory management to their limits. Players guide Ethan Winters as he battles through hordes of monsters and creatures, but he’ll also be able to gain skills and buy weapons off the Duke that will help even out the odds. In many ways, the first-person perspective looks very much like an arcade shooter as well as the Resident Evil Survivor games — albeit in a much better and polished capacity.

First debuting as an Extreme Battle mode in the original RE2 before gaining its proper namesake and introduction in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the mode hit its stride when it was incorporated again in Resident Evil 4 — and since then has become a staple in the series. Some recent entries in the franchise, including the RE2 and RE3 Remake, have excluded  the Mercenaries mode to the disappointment of fans. But it looks like Capcom has listened to the cries and requests of the RE community 0– and now it’s back and looking much more intense than ever.

If you didn’t catch the news in the RE Showcase, Resident Evil Village will have a brand new demo out starting next week with early access to PlayStation owners — check the details here!

Resident Evil Village will be out for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC on May 7!

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