Resident Evil Village’s Denuvo Anti-Cheat Removed Two Years After PC Release

denuvo Resident Evil Village

It looks like Denuvo has been quietly removed from yet another Capcom title, and this time, it’s none other than Resident Evil Village. The horror game originally came out last May 2021, meaning that the game was published for almost two years before Resident Evil Village’s Denuvo anti-cheat was removed.

The Denuvo anti-cheat removal was originally reported by the DSOGaming website, with SteamDB also confirming the removal in a recent update log. It’s also worth noting that Denuvo is no longer on the Steam Store page, either, so this wasn’t some sort of accident on Capcom’s part.

Denuvo, for those unaware of the software, is an anti-cheat system that’s baked into many PC games, Capcom’s included. The problem with this is that Denuvo is said to cause performance problems with the titles that run it, to the dissatisfaction of many players. It’s worth noting that Capcom has had Denuvo in quite a few of its titles, including Monster Hunter World, Devil May Cry 5, and the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, though those games no longer have the anti-cheat, either. So while it isn’t exactly a surprise that Capcom got rid of Denuvo in RE Village, it’s a welcome bit of news for players nonetheless.

If you’re now thinking about grabbing a copy of Resident Evil Village on Steam, you can find the store page here.

Source: DSOGaming

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