Resistance: Burning Skies Survival Mode and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

New details concerning Resistance: Burning Skies third game mode have finally been released, along with some pre-order information.

According to the Official Playstation Blog, the new and third game mode that will be featured in Resistance: Burning Skies is called Survival Mode. While many may be familiar with this mode (Horde Mode, Nazi Zombies, ect), Nihilistic Software, the developers behind the game have added a little twist to it.

“Survival mode pits the players against each other in a race to the finish where only the strong survive. Here’s how it works: in a battle of humans vs. Chimera, six players start as humans and two as Chimera. As the Chimera players make a kils, their human victims are resurrected as Chimera so the balance slowly shifts. As the battle continues, the winner is the human player who lasts the longest in a match. We keep a timer running as you play so you can track your progress,” explained SCEA’s Sr. Producer, Frank Simon.

Also, for those who have pre-ordered the game you may receive (check with your retailer)  some nice bonuses at launch:

  • Start out at level 5 with some unlock/upgrade points
  • Receive three character avatar based on the lead characters of Burning Skies
  • A free PS Vita lock screen theme
Resistance: Burning Skies releases exclusively on the PS Vita on May 30th.
Make sure to read up on our last post for a trailer and additional information on the game.

James Lara

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