Returnal Update 3.000.004 Shoots Out This June 8 (Update)

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Housemarque has released the Returnal update 3.000.004 patch on PS5, and this is an unannounced title update, so don’t expect anything outside of bug fixes and the like. Read on for Returnal June 8 patch notes below.

Returnal Update 3.000.004 Patch Notes | Returnal June 8 Patch Notes:

Update (June 13, 2022): After five days, Housemarque has finally released the patch notes for the 3.04 title update!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Ship Log 13 was missable if the player skips one of the opening cinematics in the Echoing Ruins.

  • Fixed a bug which duplicated certain collectibles after suspending and resuming a cycle.

  • Fixed a bug in the Tower of Sisyphus where the Sisyphean Elevator occasionally failed to activate after defeating every enemy in the room.

Housemarque has not released the official list of changes and fixes just yet, and we’ve been checking the community for any official list of fixes.

For those curious, here’s what got fixed in patch 3.03, which was released on May 2:

Bug fixes:

  • Tower of Sisyphus: Added Audio Log 94 to additional location in the tower

  • Tower of Sisyphus: Fixed a rare issue where Algos might refuse to die, or die too early in the tower

  • Tower of Sisyphus: Increased leaderboard scrolling speed

  • Co-Op: Fixed several issues where a client or host might encounter a black screen or hang when moving between biomes during co-op play

  • Co-Op: Fixed multiple minor gameplay bugs

  • Co-Op: Fixed two rare crashes in co-op mode

We’re expecting the studio to release the official patch notes later in the day, and once they do, we’ll be sure to update the post.

Update: We’ve finally updated the post with the official patch notes!

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