Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Update Adds The Bushranger Content & Kicks Off Double XP Event

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has received a huge new update, 1.05, which adds several new weapons, a new faction, Australian army and more.

In addition to this, double XP has been added to celebrate the launch of the “Bushranger Content Pack,” which will run until December 4.

For the full list of new features, see below:

New Features

1.05 – the Bushranger Content Update – brings with it three new maps, a new faction to play as, new vehicles including the Bushranger Attack Helicopter, six new weapons, a brand new commander ability: The Canberra Bomber and 3D Positional Voice Chat.

– New Faction – Australian Army

– New Weapon – L1A1 Rifle

– New Weapon – L2A1 LMG

– New Weapon – F1 SMG

– New Weapon – Owens SMG

– New Weapon – Browning Hi-Power

– New Weapon – XM177E1 (for the US Army)

– New Vehicle – Bushranger (Huey Gunship)

– New Commander Ability – Canberra Bomber



– Fixed various community-reported crashes when launching the game – please continue to provide bugsplat reports so that we can track issues down if your client still crashes on startup

– Fixed several crashes relating to joining matches running custom content

– Fixed a crash which occurred on joining certain servers


– Dismembered limbs now correctly receive physics when blown off combatants, preventing the bug which made all hands/feet to stand upright following an explosive death

– Corrected the sights on the RPG-7 and M79 following feedback from some community members

– Fixed various ‘delayed mantling’ bugs, where players would initiate mantling over or climbing onto assets – which would work, but only after a short delay

– Fixed an issue where killing the co-pilot of a helicopter could sometimes trigger the death of the main pilot

– Co-pilots now always receive appropriate damage from the helicopter impacting objects

– Fixed an issue where dropped grenades would sometimes not kill teammates

– Fixed an issue where toggling sprint would sometimes result in unwanted camera zoom

– Fixed an issue where reloading or performing an ammo check on a deployed Machine Gun would not return to iron-sight after completing the animation

– Re-zero’d the L2A1’s sights so the weapon is more usable at long range

– Fixed an issue where the rear sight of the XM177-E was not adjustable while the stock was collapsed

– Fixed several locations where crawling through tight spaces would cause players to ‘pop up’ through the ceiling under which they were crawling

– Fixed an issue where opening the Role Select menu would erase traps the player had planted from the map

– Fixed an issue which prevented co-pilots from taking control of the AH-1 Cobra following the suicide or disconnection of the main pilot

– Fixed an issue where the collective of the AH-1 Cobra would be at zero when the copilot took over following the death of the main pilot

– Fixed an issue where the red glow Pointmen see on Vietnamese traps would not display when the player changes weapons

– Fixed an issue where scrolling the mousewheel would cause the player to cycle through weapons

– Fixed an issue where flying pilots were not counted by the game as ‘living’, causing matches to end if the pilot was the last US player left alive. This prevents the community reported ‘-1 ticket’ issue

– Fixed an issue where planting tripwire traps at hip height would display a valid preview mesh, but fail to plant

– Fixed an issue where forgiving TKs would sometimes not remove the spawn time penalty from the forgiven player

– Fixed an issue where co-pilots could activate auto-hover while not in control of their helicopter

– Fixed various issues with the weapon loadout for the Australian grenadier role

– Fixed an issue where the Northern commander would receive no points for shooting down the Canberra Bomber using the Anti Air Commander Ability

For the full list of patch notes, click here.

What do you think to the latest patch? Are you looking forward to getting to grips with the new weapons? Let us know.

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