ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile RGB Keyboard Announced

Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile RGB Keyboard

ROCCAT has announced a new entry in its Vulcan Pro gaming keyboards with the ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile RGB Keyboard! This new variant combines the fast speed of ROCCAT’s Titan Optical Switch tech with the company’s Tactile mechanical switch feeling. According to ROCCAT this combination will give gamers unrivaled speed and precision, as the Titan Optical Switch registers response rates up to 100 times faster than conventional mechanical switches plus doubles the lifespan.

Read on for more details below straight from the press release.

ROCCAT now introduces the Tactile variant of its acclaimed switch, in Optical form. ROCCAT’s Titan Optical-Tactile switch has a 1.8m actuation point, making it perfect for gaming and typing. Beyond being one of the fastest gaming keyboards available, the full-size Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile RGB Gaming Keyboard also has a 100 million keystroke lifecycle that’s double the lifespan of keyboards with standard mechanical switches. It also includes a magnetically detachable palm rest and mixer-style audio controls. The ergonomic design combines ROCCAT’s renowned build quality with an ultra-low-profile, tailored to maximize comfort and eliminate wrist strain. The Vulcan Pro Optical RGB Gaming Keyboard comes with a premium braided cable and AIMO intelligent RGB lighting capabilities so it can be synchronized with other AIMO enabled devices.

The ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile RGB Keyboard is available at participating retailers now for $199.99, and will be available in EU in select regions later this year.

You can check out our review of the Vulcan Pro Keyboard right here (the older variant).

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