Ronald “The Gunny” Lee Ermey Is The “Drill Instructor” In Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Voice Pack DLC

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Former drill instructor and actor Ronald Lee Ermey joins iconic rapper Snoop Dogg – I know, right? – to lend a familiar voice to Infinity Ward’s audio design team.

On April 22, you’ll be able to swap out Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ default multiplayer announcer for the voice of either “The Gunny” or the Dogg in one of two Voice Packs for $2.99.

The voice work of Ermey, who you may better know as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, is showcased in today’s new video from Infinity Ward as he barks out a few of the lines you could hear in-game. You can catch it above.

Both Voice Packs, along with a new Legend Pack, Squad Pack, and a number of Personalization Packs will be available for Xbox Live members on April 22. You can check out the new content and read up on all the details here. Be sure to follow the link to watch another teaser showing off Snoop Dogg’s voice-over work as well. Ya dig?

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