Rumor – Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Emerges March 18, According to Origin

If EA’s game client Origin is anything to go by, Battlefield 4‘s Naval Strike expansion, the game’s third set of DLC, is arriving on March 18.

Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s worth pointing out that Origin erroneously and accurately predicted Battlefield 4 Second Assault’s launch on the PC and other platforms just last month.

Here is the Origin Denmark image sent in by numerous MP1st readers:


Should it prove accurate, the date more than likely corresponds to its release for Battlefield 4 Premium members. Naval Strike would then launch two weeks later on April 1 for non-Premium subscribers. (No, we don’t think this is an April fool’s joke!)

Battlefield 4 developer DICE outlined a few of the DLC’s key features earlier this month, claiming that Battlefield 2142’s Titan mode would return in the form of “Carrier Assault”. It would also introduce four new maps; Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar, along with five all-new weapons, the hovercraft vehicle, two additional gadgets, and ten new assignments.

Earlier rumors put Naval Strike at a March 30 launch, so Origin’s date would be pushing that forward by a couple of weeks.

What’s your take? A bit early for Battlefield 4’s third DLC, no?


As “RoadTripToJalalabad” pointed out in the comments, a forum posting on Symthic surmised that with every launch of a Premium-exclusive dog tag set, so too launches a Battlefield 4 expansion in the same month. That theory has only help up twice so far, but should Naval Strike launch this March, that’s three out of five successes in a row.


It would also make sense that all of Battlefield 4’s expansions are set two months apart, as the Premium calendar points out above, the exception being Second Assault which many would agree was a special case. What are your thoughts?

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