Rumor – New Battlefield 4 Game Modes Leaked? Combat Mission, Onslaught, and More [Updated]


A DICE developer who goes by the name “JBRipley” on Reddit has responded to the rumor, clarifying that these are, in fact, not upcoming Battlefield 4 game modes. Here’s what he had to say:

“Eh no, the code that was found is just a combined list of all the different game modes that Battlelog supports, which includes all the game modes from BF3 as well as MOHW.”

Thanks to MattTheMusketeerfor pointing this one out. Check out his video on the news here.

Original Story

A list of upcoming Battlefield 4 game modes have allegedly been discovered through the efforts of one particular user digging deep into the game’s code.

As with all info extracted from game code, it should be taken with a spoonful of salt, as there is no telling if the introduction of any of these game modes will actually come to pass. In spite of this, a few of the names do appear likely, especially re-appearing game modes like Tank Superiority, Gun Master, Squad Rush and Scavenger.

Check out the original forum post below from user Th3-Chronikk:

“While Doing some really in dept JavaScript digging trying to find DLC content i have found some game modes that have place holders in the server but are not currently active. All that were not firmware to me are below with my explanation on what i think they are.

1. “TANKSUPERIORITY” – Tanks only battle between everyone
2. “GUNMASTER” – Not quite sure about this one maybe kind of like COD’s gun game
3. “COMBATMISSION” – may be a game mode where you can do co-op missions for xp
4. “SQRUSH” – Squad Rush,Squad vs each other (not sure if already avalible.)
5. “SCAVENGER” – all possibly have to scavenge for weapons
6. “SPORT” – Haven’t figured this one out yet. (if you think you may know more info PM or quote me)
7. “FIRETEAM_SURVIVOR” – only one life (if you think you may know more info PM or quote me)
8. “ONSLAUGHT” – not sure. (if you think you may know more info PM or quote me)”

Game modes like Capture the Flag and Air Superiority have already made a return through two of Battlefield 4’s latest expansions, Second Assault and China Rising, and if these findings are to be believed, it looks like more are on the way, along with some new additions.

In last year’s shooter from EA, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, a game mode called Combat Mission tasked an attacking team with planting three bombs in randomly chosen locations on the map. It was one of the more popular team-oriented modes and would be a reasonable addition to Battlefield 4’s playlist. Onslaught was a cooperative game mode originally featured in 2010’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2. “Sport” appears to be a believable addition as well, if you recall DICE Producer Daniel Matros describing Battlefield 4’s push towards eSports.

What do you think? Would you like to see the return of any of the game modes listed above to Battlefield 4?

Source: Se7ensins, via Jacob.

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