Rumor – New Black Ops II Multiplayer HUD Leaked, Select Fire Option, Max Level 55?

New Black Ops II off-screen images have surfaced giving us a glimpse at a newer version of the multiplayer HUD, select fire feature, and more.

At E3 2012, several publications had the chance to take a first look at Black Ops II’s multiplayer, and the following images have surfaced from that session.

New Black Ops II MP HUD

The multiplayer HUD above is from newer build of the game. The killstreaks we believe the icons represent are the C.L.A.W., FA-38, and Quadrotor a.k.a Charlene. Also, above the ammo count, you can clearly see a “select fire” option, which was set to burst. The top left text could be a new placement for the kill feed.

Last week, Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar teased that the User Interface “team put together an MP HUD visual design. Clean with high readability/usability but maintains great looking art.” He continued “the boys [have] been working so hard to find the balance between beautiful and high usability.”

Here’s how the HUD used to look like in our analysis for the latest behind-the-scenes footage:

Old Black Ops II MP HUD

Another leaked image below suggests that the max level in Black Ops II’s progression seems to be level 55, at least at this stage of development. The max level in the original Black Ops is 50.

Max Level in Black Ops II?

The images were released on IGN’s instagram, and were tweeted out by Treyarch’s Matt Scronce. The leaked images and the tweet have since been removed.

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