Rumor: PS5 Devkits Sent Out to Third-Party Developers Earlier This Year

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While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are still getting a lot of fantastic games, some gamers might already be looking forward to the next generation of consoles. Given how far out we are in both consoles’ lifecycles, it’s normal for some people to get excited for what next-gen gaming has in store for us — yep, that means the PS5 and whatever Microsoft has planned for next-gen!

Over on Twitter, reliable leaker Marcus Sellars (the same dude who leaked the existence of Black Ops 4), tweeted a rather interesting message that PS5 dev (development) kits went out early this year to third-party developers.

Obviously, there’s no way Sony or third-party studios like EA and Activision would acknowledge anything like this, but given how long games take in terms of development, I’d be surprised if devs didn’t have some sort of rough dev kit for the PS5 or the Xbox Two (XboxNext?).

Given the nature of the story, treat this one as a rumor, but an interesting one at that.

Do you think it’s time for Sony to announce the PS5? When would you want to see it released?

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