Rumor: PS5 Specs Listed Based Off on “Sony Meeting”

ps5 reveal

Just a few weeks ago, out of left field, Sony shocked the gaming world by dropping the first info about the PS5 (PlayStation 5). While nothing concrete has come out after since then, which is understandable, a new report has been making the rounds.

Over on the PS5 subreddit (yes, there’s one already), a user by the name of 17791 has posted an alleged PS5 specs list based on what he said is from a Sony meeting his friend attended, which was right after the PS5 interview with Mark Cerny was published. Just so we don’t muddy anything up, here’s the entire message in full (and remember NOTHING here is verified):

Well, a close friend of mine was at a Sony meeting due to the nature of his work.

The meeting took place the day after the PS5 article went up. He’s sent me some details about what was mentioned at this meeting and has given me the greenlight to say some things that were mentioned:

8 core Zen 2, clocked at 3.2Ghz.

Custom Navi GPU, 56CU, 1.8Ghz, 12.9TF. RT is hardware based, co engineered by AMD and Sony. (They believe the RT hardware is the basis for the rumour that Navi was built for Sony)

24GB RAM (Type or bandwidth wasn’t mentioned)

Custom embeded Solid State solution paired with HDD.

No mention of PSVR 2. At all.

PS4 native backwards compatibility, Boost mode being worked on. No mention of enhanced titles. PS3 BC will stay as part of PS Now for the foreseeable future.

It may not as powerful as some think, Sony say they want a balanced machine that’s powerful with limited potential for bottlenecks. My friend also said Sony as of recently wants to position itself as a premium brand and this will be the messaging focus.

This person, who says that he won’t be answering questions since he posted the info using a throwaway account even posted an image of the event room where this alleged meeting took place:

ps5 specs

Reddit user 17791 posted another screenshot of the meeting, and Reddit user HAHMBFGamer has pointed out that if you zoomed in tot he red lanyards, you can see “Sony” on ’em, with the photo taken the day after the PS5 interview with Mark Cerny went live.

Comment from discussion Well here we go….

If these PS5 specs listed are true, then this should be one powerhouse of a console, no? Keep in mind — and it bears repeating — that none of the info mentioned has been verified. We’ve reached out to Sony regarding this story and will update the post if and when we get a response.

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4 years ago

One thing is clear I will be Pre Ordering day one.

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