Rumors Suggest Next Xbox Will Ship At $499 and $299 + Subscription Price Points

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According to reports by Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott, the next Xbox, which we recently learned would be unveiled this May 21, will ship at two different price points: $499, or $299 for those who also purchase a two-year subscription to Xbox Live’s Gold Service ($10 per month).

Earlier this month, Thurrott broke the news regarding the date of the next Xbox’s unveiling in an interview with the “What the Tech” video blog. He also was the one to report that the next Xbox would require an internet connection in order to function properly.

Thurrott also reports that the next Xbox “is based” on the “Core” version of the Windows 8 operating system, making it easier to run apps across multiple devices like PCs and tablets that run the same system. He also suggests that Microsoft will most likely discuss their next-generation console during their developer conference in San Francisco this June.

Lastly, Thurrott mentions that an entertainment-only version of the next Xbox (AKA “Yuma”) will most likely not happen. He writes that “plans for Yuma are on hold, and no pure entertainment version of the next Xbox will appear in 2013 (or possibly ever).”

If the price points hold true, is that about amount you would be willing to spend on a next-generation console? Let us know in the comments below!

Via, CNet. Thanks, Tom.