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Report – Microsoft to Replace Xbox Points with Real Currency System News 58

News 58 Microsoft is reportedly doing away with the Microsoft Points system in favor of real currency for downloadable items on Xbox Live later this year. According to a report by The Verge, Microsoft will switch to the currency system in time for the next Xbox console. The currency system, through credit, debit, and gift cards, will be compatible […]

Report – Next Xbox Will Let You Play Games Offline, Despite Rumors News 37

News 37 Don’t worry. You’ll be able to play the single player campaigns of games like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts on the next-generation Xbox offline, without an internet connection, according to recent reports. Crazy, right? Despite recent rumors, arstechnica reports that the next Xbox will not require an internet connection to play games, or […]

Watch Dogs Gets A Release Date, Collector’s Edition Detailed, and PlayStation Exclusive Content Announced News 13

News 13 Today, Ubisoft announced that their open world title, Watch_Dogs, will be receiving a release date of November 19 for this year and will launch on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Additionally they also confirmed that the title will be a launch title for both the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox. For those […]

Rumor – Respawn’s First Title Exclusive to Xbox with Multiplayer Focus News 6

News 6 Former Infinity Ward head Vince Zampella and ex-employees who now make up Respawn Entertainment have been working on a new title to be published by EA for quite some time. No details of the project have been shared with the public, except for a few distorted images. However, according to a new rumor by Kotaku, the title […]

Next Xbox Rumors – Always-Online DRM Up To Publishers, DVR-Like Capabilities, and More News 67

News 67 Rumors suggest the next Xbox, which we recently learned would be unveiled this May 21, will indeed support online-always DRM, but not specifically for video games. It is said to also include DVR-like capabilities, new ways to interact with friends, and new ways to earn achievements. According to unnamed sources speaking with Polygon, the decision of requiring […]

Rumors Suggest Next Xbox Will Ship At $499 and $299 + Subscription Price Points News 159

News 159 According to reports by Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott, the next Xbox, which we recently learned would be unveiled this May 21, will ship at two different price points: $499, or $299 for those who also purchase a two-year subscription to Xbox Live’s Gold Service ($10 per month). Earlier this month, Thurrott broke the news regarding […]

Dear Microsoft Regarding Always Online DRM News 108

News 108 There’s been a lot of buzz regarding the next Xbox’s security features, namely it’s supposed always online requirement. Needless to say, this, if true, is a horrible idea.  Not only could it have major negative impact on users, it centralizes their security infrastructure in a way that’s borderline dangerous and certainly “iffy.” As consumers, we shouldn’t be forced to deal with […]

Rumor: EA to Announce an Exclusive Partnership With Microsoft During Next-Gen Xbox Reveal News 75

News 75 This April, not only is it rumored that Microsoft will unveil their next-generation Xbox, but sources now claim Electronic Arts will also take the stage to announce and exclusive partnership with the company. Two sources have told CVG that an agreement has been secured between EA and Microsoft’s Xbox firm which will be discussed during […]

Xbox 720 & The Halo Movie News 134

News 134 The major roadblock to a Halo movie has always been money.  Not in the sense that Microsoft can’t get the money – in the sense that they don’t want to lose money.  Making a Halo movie with a major studio like Warner Brothers or Fox would require Microsoft to give up their rights to exclusively […]

Next-Gen Console Rumor Round-Up: Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, Steam Box and OUYA News 47

News 47 Next-gen buzz is at an all-time high as we inch closer to the hardware reveals – platforms on which you’ll be gaming for roughly the next decade – of companies like Microsoft and Sony. New rumors regarding Microsoft’s next project have surfaced while Sony fans look forward to a potential reveal of the next PlayStation this […]

Bungie’s New Universe Revealed, “Destiny” Story Details and Concept Art Leaked News 24

News 24 Back in May, it was first revealed that Bungie’s newest universe, dubbed “Destiny,” would span four different titles with the first one appearing exclusively on the current-gen Xbox 360 and the rest eventually making their way to the “Xbox 720,” “PS4” and PC. It was also confirmed to be a “sci-fantasy, action-shooter game” that would […]

Alleged Xbox 720 Details Emerge, Augmented Reality, Kinect 2.0, 3D Sound and More News 53

News 53 Xbox World magazine is set to unveil details of Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox in their upcoming and final December issue. Editor in chief Dan Dawkins told CVG, “Xbox World has been at the cutting edge of Durango coverage for over 12 months. Unless something really dramatic changes, everything we reveal in our penultimate issue will be revealed […]

Is Console Gaming Doomed? News 140

News 140 There is no denying that consoles are designed specifically to make the user experience as simple as possible. That is their purpose and it’s why they’ve been so successful over the past 20 years. With a console, there are no hardware upgrades (short of buying newer consoles), there are no drivers, peripherals are all plug […]

Treyarch Working on Next-Gen Call of Duty? – Sledgehammer Looking for ‘Mod Community Experience’ News 7

News 7 A new job listing suggests that Treyarch has next-gen tools, and is looking for potential employees with next-gen experience. Sledgehammer, on the other hand, is looking for mod community experience. As you might have heard, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have been staffing up lately. In recent job listings for both studios, phrases, such as ‘next-generation technologies’, were mentioned […]

5 Features Next Gen Multiplayer Will Fail Without News 5

News 5 With all of the hullabaloo and “leaked” news stories lately regarding the impending release of the next generation of consoles, it’s hard to believe we’ll have to wait much longer to get our grubby mitts on the Playstation 4, Xbox 720(?), and, of course, the already-announced Wii U. Multiplayer games have proven to be system-sellers, […]