Report – Next Xbox Will Let You Play Games Offline, Despite Rumors

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Don’t worry. You’ll be able to play the single player campaigns of games like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts on the next-generation Xbox offline, without an internet connection, according to recent reports. Crazy, right?

Despite recent rumors, arstechnica reports that the next Xbox will not require an internet connection to play games, or to even function with basic features like Blu-ray.

In an internal email sent to full-time Microsoft employees working on the next Xbox, codenamed “Durango,” it reads:

Durango is designed to deliver the future of entertainment while engineered to be tolerant of today’s Internet. There are a number of scenarios that our users expect to work without an Internet connection, and those should ‘just work’ regardless of their current connection status. Those include, but are not limited to: playing a Blu-ray disc, watching live TV, and yes playing a single player game.

The letter also implies the legitimacy of other rumors stating that the next Xbox would feature an HDMI input to allow the connection of cable boxes in order to view live TV. Sources also claim that the next Xbox will provide TV listings and similar information.

The next Xbox is set to be officially unvealed on May 21, along with Activision and Infinity Ward’s first unveiling of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Hopefully, many of you find yourselves relieved. We know how badly you want to play those single player games – with or without internet! Otherwise, why would you be here? *Wink, wink.*

In all seriousness, this is good (hopefully truthful) news. Keep your eyes peeled May 21.

Via, NeoGAF