Seagate Firecuda 530 SSD is Now Compatible With the PS5

Firecuda 530

Looks like one of the biggest solid state drives out in the market today can now be used with the latest console in the PlayStation series, as Seagate Firecuda 530 SSD is now compatible with the PS5 — bringing some much welcomed storage options to the next gen system!

In a feature by Finder, the Firecuda 530 is being primed for release in most territories this August, and the timing of its release couldn’t be perfect for PS5 users — as the device can read 7,300 MB/s sequential read and 6,900 MS/s sequential write. Jeff Park, country manager for Seagate Technology, ANZ has confirmed that the device is ready for users of Sony’s newest console to take advantage of it.

We have done some testing with Sony on the PlayStation 5 and today we can confirm that the FireCuda 530 with the heatsink has met all the PS5 requirements. With the PS5 design, the SSD card slot is very narrow, so there’s not much room for the SSD to mount. However, with the FireCuda 530 – even with the heatsink on the top – the slim design allows for it to fit. Of course, the FireCuda 530 without the heatsink is slimmer, so both of them will fit into the PS5.”

If you missed it, PS5 beta firmware added M.2 SSD support for expanded storage — but it’s trickier than it sounds and you can read about the details on that here.

Source: Finder

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