SEGA Wishes to Make More Online Games for Western Gamers

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Not too long ago, SEGA released a Q&A for investors. This document talks about various topics and points of interest for the company. Of course, one of the most important aspects of this document is SEGA’s desire to make more online games for players outside of Japan. Additionally, SEGA is interested in releasing an MMORPG project in Japan.

According to Siliconera’s translation. SEGA stated their plans for the fiscal year ending in March 2020. This happened in response to an increase of research and development costs for the company. When asked about the reason behind this increment on costs, SEGA responded with the following statement.

“The reason we’ve increased research and development costs for the fiscal year ending March 2020 is because we plan to release multiple new console games (physical). We plan to invest more in online games made for the West. Our studio from England called The Creative Assembly only had about 50 employees at the time of its acquisition (In March 2005), but it has since then grown into one of England’s largest game studios. Because it is essential to earn results in this field, we’ve increased our investment in existing IPs as well as new challenges. Again, as for MMORPGs on PCs, we’ve increased our investment as we’re considering something in the 10 billion yen class, if not a few billion yen class project, for Japan.”

It seems like SEGA’s current interest is actually focused on more games made specifically for Western audiences. They also mentioned their partnership with Creative Assembly, which has produced successful titles such as Total War: Three Kingdoms. In other words, Western players might see a lot more game titles developed for consoles and PC in the future.

The most interesting thing about this statement is a new MMORPG project for Japan. For those unaware, Phantasy Star 2 has been active ever since 2012. However, this statement seems to suggest that this new project will be entirely unrelated to this MMO. As such, SEGA is probably working on a new IP or a third entry in the Phantasy Star series.

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