Sifu PS5 File Size and Preload Date Revealed

Sifu Update 1.06

While the game is still a few weeks away from its official release, the Sifu PS5 file size has been revealed, alongside its preload date for the platform. Head down below for the complete details to prepare yourself for Sloclap’s highly anticipated release, Sifu.

The information comes from known PlayStation Network data scraper PlayStation Game Size. Those interested, you can check out the full details on Sifu PS5 file size below.

Sifu (PS5)

  • Download Size : 7.160 GB (Version : 01.002.000)
  • Pre-Load : February 6 (Feb 4 For DE Version)
  • Launch : February 8 (Feb 6 For DE Version)
  • #PS5 #sifugame @SifuGame

The game looks to be quite small, although from the looks of things it will not be lacking in terms of quality at all. There are also different launch periods for the Definitive and Standard Editions, so be sure to check out what edition you have.

Check out our impressions piece on Sifu here, where James wrote, “The fact that I’ve manage to clock in over 30 hours in such a short demo should have already been a telling sign that I absolutely love this game. While I may have a different opinion by the time I get my hands-on the final release, for what I have played already, Sloclap is looking to deliver one of the best experiences of 2022. You might want to mark Sifu on your radar, as Sloclap might just have the first sleeper hit of 2022 in their hands.”

Sifu will be released this February 8, 2022 on the PS4, PS5 and PC.

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