Sifu Update 1.11 Strikes Out This May 17 (Update)

Sifu Update 1.11

Sloclap has released Sifu update 1.11 (PS5 version 1.011), and this is an unannounced title update, so don’t expect any new content. Given that the last title update was for localization and nothing else, this patch will be for bug fixes and the sort. Read on for the Sifu May 17 patch notes.

Sifu Update 1.11 Patch Notes | Sifu Update 1.011 Patch Notes | Sifu May 17 Patch Notes:

Update: The PS4 update history has the following list of fixes:

  • – Fix issue with pre-order cinematic pack not showing to player anymore
  • – Fix crashes during outfit swap
  • – Fix age and death counter reseting when switching difficulty


  • – Fix vengeance outfit reacting badly in kuroki arena

Sloclap has not made any announcement regarding this patch. Here’s the latest announcement from the studio:

Same as before, once Sloclap has released the official patch notes, or if we know more, we’ll be sure to update the post accordingly. If you spot anything be it technical or gameplay-related, leave a comment below and let us know.

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