Smite PS Plus Bundle Offers $100 Worth of Content for Free

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Have a PlayStation 4 and thinking about learning how to play the free-to-play MOBA Smite over the holidays? If the answer is yes, there’s a pretty sweet bundle just waiting for you.

Starting this week until January 9, PS4 owners who are also PlayStation Plus members can pick up a free Smite promotional bundle that includes numerous skins, gods unlocks, a voice pack and the highly coveted Kephri announcer pack. All for free! You can check out all the content this free bundle includes below:

• Amaterasu – Shining Heaven + Cerulean Sky + VP
• Aphrodite – Majestrix + VP
• Apollo – Slickshot + VP
• Artemis – Wrangler + Briar Queen + VP
• Athena – Peacekeeper + VP
• Bastet – Dominatrix + VP
• Bellona – Battle Maiden + Furiona + VP
• Chaac – Hailstorm + Boom Chaac a Laka + VP
• Cernunnos – Samhain + Warden + VP
• Ganesha – Ganpati + VP
• Khepri – Imperator + Horned Beetle + VP + Announcer
• Kukulkan -Typhoon + VP
• Loki – Ssslither + Infilitrator + VP
• Medusa – Black Gorgon + VP
• Nemesis – No Mercy + Red Vengeance + VP
• Poseidon – Earthshaker + King of the deep + VP
• Ratatoskr – Flurry + VP
• Sol – Supernova + Polaris + VP
• Sun Wukong – Silver Sage + VP
• Sylvanus – Permafrost + VP

A rough estimate at this promotion bundle, and it seems that Hi-Rez Studios is giving out $100 worth of content for free. How nice of them, no?

To download this promotional bundle all you have to do is search “Smite PlayStation Plus Pack” on the PSN Store. It’s that simple. However, for those who already own the game and want to be able to get access to this bundle. All you have to do is uninstall the current client of Smite and install the Smite PlayStation Plus bundle and you’ll have access to all the goodies from the promotional bundle.

For more Smite news check back with us later, as the latest patch notes is set to go live soon. Check out the upcoming update to Smite here.