SMITE Update 11.33 Released, Here’s What It Does

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While Hi-Rez Studios has released a SMITE patch this week for The Ascendant Warrior update, the studio has rolled out SMITE update 11.33 for PS4 and Xbox One (PC got it yesterday). For those looking forward to gameplay changes, there’s none of that except for one bug fix, but it’s for eSports and related stuff.

SMITE update 11.33 patch notes:

Various changes/fixes have been made to the Esports and Live Streams HUB

  • Updated homepage to display ‘Esports and Live Streams’
  • Fixed Go To buttons and panels not redirecting to correct skins
  • When players don’t have sufficient funds for Viewer Point purchases, they will be prompted with a Viewer Point bundle purchase rather than having to manually buy small increments of points at a time.
  • Fixed incorrect SPL match start times on the Vote tab

NOTE: Twitch points have started working, however we’re investigating an issue where some players don’t appear to be properly linked.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Spectral Armor missing passive description

And that’s basically it. Mind, we’re not expecting anything big as the SMITE patch released this week contained not only new content, but a host of gameplay tweaks.

However, if you spot any gameplay changes in this patch not in the notes, let us know down below in the comments.

Source: SMITE forums