SMITE Update 11.36 Released, Here’s What Got Fixed

SMITE Update 11.80

While Hi-Rez Studios just released the Grim Omens patch for SMITE earlier this week, players should be getting a prompt (or have already gotten one) for a new SMITE patch. Console gamers will see this as SMITE update 11.36, and it’s purely for fixes, and yes, some do affect gameplay.

There are changes here that’s just for consoles (PS4, Xbox One), and some are specific to PC. We’ve lumped them into one list since it’s fairly short one.

SMITE update 11.36 patch notes:

  • [Console] EOML unable to report players
  • Characters that execute themselves that have Thorns deal reflect damage based on 9999
  • Blink Upgrade still has 55 range (intended is 45)
  • Battle Pass not showing ‘NEW’ for most players
  • [PC] The Details pop up in Match History appears highlighted

And given this is a hotfix more than anything, that’s basically it. If you spot any changes not mentioned there, feel free to let us know down in the comments. Same as always, for the latest SMITE updates, make sure to check back MP1st regularly.

Source: SMITE (Trello)

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