Someone Has Already Created a Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale Mode Using Portal Editor

Battlefield 2042

While Battlefield 2042 doesn’t have a battle royale mode, it does have Battlefield Portal, which lets players create their own type of game modes. If you’re looking for a way to play some Battlefield 2042 battle royale, someone has made just that!

Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale Mode – Warfield 100 Gameplay

Battlefield fan chbmg created a mode called “Warfield 100.” Here are some of the game details along with gameplay footage (above) we captured:

“Warfield 100” is a 100-player battle royale. Features include a pre-game lobby, parachuting into action, a closing circle, random ground loot, a prison, and a spectator mode.

I’ll be hosting the game frequently for the next 1-2 hours and randomly throughout the upcoming days. You should be able to search for it by the name “Warfield” or the full name “Warfield 100 – Battle Royale” (the server name should be “Warfield Server” too).

If you want to host it yourself, here’s the code: AAGDWA

Full Game Details:

NOTE: Everything below is obviously subject to change over time from tweaks and bug fixes.

The game starts with a 60-second pre-game lobby to wait for human players to join (anyone who joins after the pre-game lobby is set to spectate). Everyone gets a random loadout in the pre-game lobby. There are 100 “active” PvP AI that are replaced by human players as people join the game. If more than 100 humans join, then some “inactive/boundary” AI will disappear and these extra human players will be set to spectate only [see limitations below]. The inactive/boundary AI are constantly “spotted” (glow red) and are used as follows: 12 for larger circle, 12 for inner circle, and 4 for the rectangular prison area (corners). The 24 AI for the circle all start out in one giant circle until the first circle contraction.

When the pre-game lobby ends, everyone is “terminated” [see limitations below] and redeploys in the sky with an M1911 and grenades (except AI players – they get random loadouts since they don’t know how to pickup loot). When first landing, it’s a good idea to search for ground loot. There will be an on-screen message indicating the distance to the nearest loot. Ground loot is invisible since the portal editor does not allow the placement of objects (and a bunch of AI players are already used in a “hacky” way to represent circle/prison boundaries). When the on-screen message says “on loot” (i.e. when a player is within 5 meters of the target), the player must crouch 3 times [see limitations below] to pickup a new random inventory item (primary/secondary weapon, gadget, or throwable item). The player can currently choose from available scopes on each weapon.

The circle shrinks and shifts position every 2 minutes – players must stay within the “larger” circle that closes into the smaller circle slowly over time. Whenever the circle contracts, the larger circle will slowly shrink for 2 minutes until it reaches the inner circle. Players take damage when outside the larger circle. Players who die are sent to the prison area and must fight to escape – players only require 1 kill at first but for every additional death (including while in prison), 1 more kill will be needed to leave. Players take severe damage quickly if they try to run from the prison area. If a player requires more than 4 kills to leave prison, then that player is terminated and “out of the game” (will redeploy in the sky with a sniper rifle and no ammo to spectate for the rest of the match). Also, when there are only 10 players left in the circle (i.e. not in prison or spectating), then the prison closes and everyone in there is terminated and switches to “spectating.” Any players who die after the prison closes go straight to spectating. NOTE: When spectating, a player can simply pull the parachute to gently float and choose any scope on the sniper rifle (which has no ammo intentionally) to watch the rest of the match – spectating players are teleported back upward when they fall too far.

As with just about any FFA battle royale, the last player remaining is the winner. In the extremely unlikely event that the game gets close to the time limit (currently set to 20 minutes), then the game goes into a “sudden death” mode where all players take a random amount of damage every second to help ensure that only 1 player survives/wins within the game time limit.

Limitations (mostly based on what’s currently available in the rules editor):

  • 28 AI players are normally reserved for circle/prison boundaries, but if more than 100 humans join, then some of these AI players will “disappear”
  • Players who join after the pre-game lobby (i.e. 60+ seconds after the game starts) or when there are already 100+ humans will be set to “spectate”
  • Even with just a few human players, the “spotted” AI are not always visible simultaneously, but messages are also used to indicate the distance/direction to center circle to help navigate
  • “Active” AI players (rather than those being used for “boundaries”) will sometimes fight inactive AI or leave safe zones to die randomly, so the game should be more fun with humans
  • Rather than redeploying, it was necessary to “terminate” players to move to different stages (e.g. if you get enough kills to leave prison, you will be immediately “terminated” but this doesn’t count against your deaths and you are redeployed in the air). For some reason, simply redeploying players wasn’t kicking off the “On Player Deployed” events
  • When picking up ground loot, it may be necessary to crouch more than 3 times due to the custom code “while loops” needing to run on 1-second intervals (alternatively, just switch between crouching/standing “slowly” every 1-2 seconds rather than rapidly changing stance)

We’ll keep an eye out for more creative and fun Battle Portal modes in BF2042, and will let our readers know it. In case you haven’t seen it, one fan has created the Squid Game Red Light, Green Light game in BF Portal.

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