Battlefield Portal Squid Game Red Light, Green Light Mode Created by Fans

Battlefield Portal Squid Games

Are you a fan of Netflix’s hit show Squid Games? If you are, and you’re playing Battlefield 2042, then you might be interested to try out this Battlefield Portal Squid Game Red Light, Green Light mode created by creative fans!

Our own Jimmy Lara captured gameplay footage of him playing the mode in action! For those not familiar with the Red Light, Green Light game, check out details of it here. This Portal mode comes courtesy of the fine folks over at TWOANGRYGAMERSTV.

Those interested in hosting it can does so using their experience code: AADYBD

Not bad, right? Given how robust the game editor is in BF Portal, I suspect we’ll be seeing more inventive game modes crop up in the future.

Not everything is turning up roses for the game however, as it has now entered the list of worst reviewed games on Steam of all-time! Thankfully, the game is online-focused, so DICE can tweak and adjust it until gamers are happy. That said, the studio has relayed some of the changes coming in the game’s next patch due out this month.

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