Someone Has Calculated the Cost of Owning All PS4 Games on PSN, Here’s the Breakdown

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Have you ever wondered how much it’d cost to buy ALL the games available on the PlayStation Network Store? If so, we now know the answer! A Redditor took it to collect useless data for one of the more interesting tidbits of trivia for PlayStation. The user, utilizing his scripts for the PlayStation Store, found out just how much it costs to buy all PS4 games on the PlayStation Store across different regions, and the results are incredibly intriguing, to say the least.

The Redditor opened his post with an explanation, saying:

I have scripts that every day collect prices from the Playstation store and I wanted to know – How much does it cost to buy all PS4 games on Playstation Store? I excluded from the statistics all add-ons, premium editions, maps, game pass, games that have the status – preorder and etc.

Prices are calculated in two columns. The first column – the price with the base discount, the second column is the discount price if you have a PS Plus subscription.

The data collected only reflects prices for October 13, but it does paint a very specific picture when it comes to the pricings for all PS4 games. Check out the images for the prices below.

Number of games:

PS4 Games

Full cost of all games:

PS4 Games

Average price per game:

PS4 Games

Full price per region:

PS4 Games

In terms of pricing, Germany leads the pack with $146,842.31 for full-priced games. The lowest is in Brazil, where it costs $77,079.57 for all full-priced games.

While this data is useless, it provides a very interesting insight for games pricing across different regions. The discounts for having a PlayStation Plus subscription also adds quite a bit over time, as you save more than $52,000 if you buy all games in the German PlayStation Store.

What do you think? Is it surprising to see the regional pricing for PS4 games on the PS Store? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks, Serzh008 !

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