Sony and the PlayStation 4, or Microsoft and the Xbox One: Who Had the Better Unveiling?

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The next-generation of console gaming is on the horizon.

Both Sony and Microsoft have officially unveiled their respective, next-generation platforms: the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We caught our first glimpse of the Xbox One only moments ago, during Microsoft’s unveiling earlier today, while Sony, on the other hand, showed us (sort of) the PlayStation 4 all the way back in February.

Both presentations garnered a large amount of excitement and hype, but the question still remains: “Who did it better?”

Before hitting the polls below and sounding off in the comment section, make sure to read up on some of the key takeaways from each presentation!

Catch Sony’s Presentation of the PlayStation 4 here.
Read up on Microsoft’s Presentation of the Xbox One here.


You can also catch each console’s reveal trailer below:

We’ve obviously much more to learn about each console – heck, we haven’t even seen what the PS4 looks like yet – but we still want to know who you thought presented their machine better: Sony or Microsoft?

Hit that vote button and let us know who you chose and why in the comment section below!

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